Staff/Resource Augmentation

Augmentation is a new buzzword for IT organizations. Several companies are now seeing industry specialists to hire as well as retain skilled talent in order to maintain their resources as much as possible.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a cost-effective way to bring in the skills your company requires. The augmented staff of your organization will be directly managed by your business, just as if they were your employees, but with significantly lower costs and liabilities related to hiring and upkeep. Staff augmentation is typically used to fill a temporary need for a specific resource.

Why you need Staff/Resource Augmentation Development for your business

Paying As Per Your Requirements

Staff augmentation allows organizations to save money over time as it hires temporary workers, meaning you do not have to employ full-time employees which can be highly costly.

Time Saver

Staff augmentation allows business leaders to save a lot of time. The process of hiring full-time employees involves creating job postings, conducting interviews with applicants, and completing the necessary paperwork. It allows you to cut down on time spent on hiring new employees.

Control Over Existing Staff

Staff augmentation allows you to retain control over your current workforce. When you outsource a project to a third party, you are effectively entrusting your work to strangers. However, staff augmentation enables you to select a temporary team to work with and you have the freedom to decide who leads the project and what gets prioritized.

Resource Augmentation

Resource augmentation is a versatile, economical method of outsourcing. Companies using this model hire global tech talent from a third party on a contractual basis for specific projects. It gives businesses the opportunity to hire qualified workers on schedule without having to deal with a drawn-out, error prone hiring process.

How does it benefit your company?

Reduced Development Cost

Cost savings are almost certainly the biggest and most obvious advantage of using a remote team.

The countries with lower costs of living will require lower salaries, so hiring augmented teams from those nations will result in significant financial savings.

In addition, you are well aware of the fact that hiring internal staff will be expensive due to the addition of employee benefits, higher taxes, and other expenses.

Even the extra costs, such as infrastructure, equipment, and taxes, are lower.

Greater Flexibility

Resource augmentation provides IT businesses or start-ups flexibility because it enables them to quickly add more resources in the event of an unforeseen workload.
In addition, they are not obligated to use those employees who won’t be needed for months and are free to scale up or down at any time.

Reliable Authority

Resource augmentation allows businesses to maintain management control. When a project is outsourced, an external unit manages the entire project.
However, even with resource augmentation in place, businesses remain in charge of execution and management and have the final say.

Staff and resource augmentation can be the ideal solution for any size business, ensuring cost-efficiency and flexibility. Crestere Technologies holds experience in staffing and outsourcing. We provide expert advice and competent assistance in filling staffing gaps in your company. Request a staff and resource augmentation contract sample to learn more about how we can collaborate to create the development team of your dreams.