How is Archibus helping enterprises in enabling employee performance?

Archibus is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) used by organizations to streamline how they manage their facilities, infrastructure, and real estate. Archibus helps to bring together real estate, facilities management, and infrastructure on a single digital platform to track assets, connect workplaces, and measure results. It enables the creation of a streamlined workflow for organizations that helps them to move forward. Organizations can centralize their workplace data and plan and operate all the facilities management processes on one seamless platform. This rich solution helps the organization to enhance sustainability, reduce costs, and create a better work environment. In essence with Archibus, organizations can maximize the strategic value of their work environment.

That’s because organizations facing the rapidly changing and challenging business environment are deploying effective facilities management techniques and frameworks to boost employee performance and productivity. Let’s see how?

The impact of the workplace on productivity

Evolved organizations look at facility management in the context of the relationship between a highly functional workplace and employee wellness.

To ensure employee productivity, it is vital to have all the essential elements that enable and support employee performance in order. An organization can’t run properly if its facilities and assets are not in perfect condition. Even sub-optimal facilities, improperly maintained tools, and below-par work environments can distract employees and prevent them from giving their best. Such working environments can also cause stress, fatigue, and even injury to employees.

From defective lighting fixtures and poorly-located work desks to unhygienic washrooms and cafeterias, and various facility-related issues can drag down productivity for the employees in an office. Even simple problems like a flickering light, a broken desk or a noisy AC can slow down the work and have a ripple effect throughout the office. On the flip side, a clean working environment can have a positive impact on employee wellbeing, safety, and productivity.

With effective facility management, organizations can keep the work environment finely tuned. The care taken in managing the facility will make a noticeable difference in the physical work environment. This will, inevitably, result in elevated employee satisfaction and a healthier culture. That will, in turn, increase employee focus, well-being, and reduce stress and irritation.

How Archibus can help

Archibus empowers Facilities Managers to stay on top of these problems and efficiently solve them when they arise. Actionable insights about maintenance needs and information from operations reports will help the facilities team devise proactive strategies to provide workplaces that ensure improved employee productivity.

Archibus helps the facilities team create maintenance workflows that are transparent, accountable, and timely. The reports and insights assist facilities managers to build a support program to reduce time, cost, and maintenance effort. At the same time, an effective maintenance strategy ensures that a highly-functional work environment is always available to the employees who need that to deliver at peak capability.

But maintenance is just one piece of the workplace puzzle. The world has seen a dramatic shift in the working paradigm during the COVID-19 driven lockdown. More employees are working from home than have ever done earlier. It’s possible that even as the situation eases, remote working will become more acceptable. Workplaces will have to adapt to such changing situations. Even in such changed times, Archibus will enable organizations to implement data-driven strategies that support the creation of an enabling environment that drives employee performance in many ways:

• Streamlining strategic space planning to provide employees empowering work locations when they need them. All that, while managing space occupancy costs.
• Creating new space management paradigms to enable flexible strategies to accommodate remote, “work from home”, and part-time employees.
• Creating a modern and productive workplace to improve profitability
• Improving environmental compliance to be more sustainable, demonstrate commitment and reduce risk

To provide for the needs of a dynamic and demanding workforce, every organization must make an array of choices. A robust Facilities Management solution, like Archibus, allows them to make those choices informed by the right information.

To provide for the needs of a dynamic and demanding workforce, every organization must make an array of choices. A robust Facilities Management solution, like Archibus, allows them to make those choices informed by the right information.

To provide for the needs of a dynamic and demanding workforce, every organization must make an array of choices. A robust Facilities Management solution, like Archibus, allows them to make those choices informed by the right information.

1) Asset management: Archibus helps organizations to optimize the utilization and provide effective stewardship of all assets throughout their operational lifecycle. It provides a coordinated view of all assets, such as structures and equipment. It helps to improve transparency in asset management decisions and optimize tactical assets. This enables organizations to speed up day-to-day decision-making for facilities operations while ensuring that all employees have the tools they need to perform better.

2) Manage building operations: With Archibus, companies can optimize building operations and automate preventive maintenance. It enables them to track and evaluate the operations to improve and enhance the outcomes consistently. It helps them to track the cost, work, and performance of operations to identify and gain visibility on how effectively the methodology is working and ensure the employees always have access to highly-functional workplaces. Archibus allows organizations to:

• Anticipate budgetary needs.
• Calculate the expense of a preventive maintenance plan.
• Ensure budget priorities.
• Optimize building operations from end to end.

3) Effective space planning and management: Archibus enables organizations to optimize their workspace to maximize usage and enable proper provisioning of appropriate areas for the modern workforce. This helps to allocate space across departments, divisions, and buildings effectively. Archibus assists organizations to maximize the value of their built environment. With Archibus, companies can:

• Streamline moves
• Define and allocate spaces flexibly
• Benchmark spaces w.r.t performance

With Archibus, organizations can create responsive, empowering, and enabling workspaces that have the ability to transform the employee’s productivity. These workspaces increase employee effectiveness by reducing the problems or difficulties they may face. Archibus enables organizations to intelligently navigate the complex web of procedures involved in facility and maintenance management operations to create an effective strategy to boost the performance of the employees.

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